your child's chart reading

Approx. 90 minutes - $100.00

Have you ever said to yourself – “I wish my child came with a manual!”? 

Well, guess what??  They do!!


We all want to the best for our children, so that they can grow up happy and well adjusted – ready to take on the world confidently. 

But let’s face it, these sweet little angels are really strangers that have arrived in our lives with a big list of demands,

and so much responsibility is placed on you to deliver! 


[Cue dramatic music!!!].


But first you need to need to know what sort of a person your little darling is. 

Only then can you help them, in the best way possible, to be all they came here to be. 

Your child’s birth chart can reveal so much about your child. 

What sort of student will they be? 

What sorts of hobbies/interests will they have?

What types of friends will they look for and how they will relate to them?

Are they sporty?  Are they academic? Are they sensitive?

What makes them feel safe?


This reading is suited to all parents - those with new babies, young children, teenagers – who are looking to understand

and help their children, the best way that they can.

Children are gifts, but we don't own them.  We, as parents, are here to educate them, protect from harm and assist them to find their own way in the world.

Astrology show's you how.


A full colour Birth Chart and personalised Planetary Guide, in a presentation folder


An in-depth, on-on-one conversation - in person or online - about your child and what each planet in their chart has planned for them.


One email opportunity for follow up questions


This is your life.  Why not make it a good one? 

Let me help you gain insight to who you are and why you are here, so that you can make better choices for yourself.