Annual ChecK


Approx 60 Mins


Current Client - $80.00

New Client - $120.00

Every year, around the time of your birthday, the sun returns to the exact position it was in when you where born.  By casting a chart for that moment, we can see what your year ahead will look like.


We’ll talk about what areas of your life will see the most action, which areas will be most challenging for you and which will be going through a lot of change.


Each year you can check in to see how your ‘new year’ will be – and we will celebrate with cake! (in-person readings only)

We will look at your Solar Return Chart, your Progressed Chart and transits for that year (and how they will affect you).

This session is great for current clients who have already had a Birth Chart Reading with me, but New Clients are most welcome too!


A full colour Solar Return Chart, in a presentation folder


An in-depth, on-on-one conversation - either in person or online - about your year ahead


One email opportunity for follow-up questions

 Cake (in-person readings only)


This is your life.  Why not make it a good one? 

Let me help you gain insight to who you are and why you are here, so that you can make better choices for yourself.