Here is a list of all my favourites and specials – feel free to check them out.


Maggie Kerr from Universal Astrology was my fabulous teacher. 

She took me from having a mere interest in astrology, to loving astrology so much,

I knew I had to learn everything I could, and share it with anyone that would listen.


If you want to become an astrologer, then head over to Maggie’s page,

as she offers full accreditation courses.




This is an amazing organisation that works Australia wide matching generosity with genuine need.


They support 3000 charities and you can donate your quality, pre-loved items directly to someone in need. And, 100% of funds received go directly to purchasing essential items for vulnerable people.

Support these wonderful humans!



My favourite charity!!! 


This little project started three years ago by my grandsons, to help collect Christmas gifts for children in care.  Every year they have exceeded all expectations.

The project takes off in November each year – join them on Facebook and they’ll keep you posted.

So proud!!!



I just love a good cup of tea, especially while I do my readings, and these are my favourites. 

They have a beautiful range, with quirky names - they are so pretty!!!