Welcome to Nomad!

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

I am so excited to share this with you.

Through the years I have spoken about astrology to a lot of people and have received many different reactions. The most common thing I found was that most people don’t understand what it is, apart from maybe Sun Signs, or what it can do for you.

And so the Nomad was born…bringing Astrology to the masses!!! [cue fanfare] - well, at least to those that tag-a-long for the ride.

My style of astrology is…well…what ever I want it to be. I don’t like to label things, because it feels too restrictive. I enjoy getting into your head, so counselling astrology forms the basis of what I do. I also have a passion for evolutionary astrology – delving into past lives and soul growth. I dip into traditional astrology, but spend most of my time in the more modern world.

On this page I’m looking to take a holistic and practical approach. We will be discussing:

  1. All things astrology and I want to show you practical ways that you can use it in your own life.

  2. I’m going to introduce you to your own birth charts – the blueprint for your life.

  3. We’ll get side tracked every now and then, wandering into different topics – numerology, chakras, pendulums. Don’t forget to bring a packed lunch (and a compass).

  4. We might talk about the charts of famous people – who’s your favourite?

  5. What’s happening in the skies? If something big is shaking things up, we can take a look and talk about how we work with these wonderful energies.

I really hope you will enjoy hanging out here. At the very least, I hope you learn a little more about the wonderful world of Astrology as it’s been a fascination for me for most of my life. And the rules - Stay open…stay curious…have fun!

Let’s go!

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