chart reading

Approx. 90 minutes - $120.00

If this is your first visit to me, this is the session I recommend. 


In this session, I will show you how the birth chart is a plan for living your best life.  

We’ll take a trip around the planets to see how each of them are influencing you.

We can talk about:

Life purpose
What's coming up

What are your strengths and your weaknesses.  What drives and excites you.  Where are there potentials for challenges.  What do you need to feel safe and happy.


What brought you to this point – what are you here to learn and work on in this life.  How is this showing up for you.


What ingredients do you need to be happy in the job your do.


What types of people are you generally attracted to.  What type of person are you in a relationship.  Where might you be not showing up as your best in relationships – and what you need to do about it. 


We will take a bit of a look at what planetary influences will feature strongly for you in the coming year.  What areas of your life will be most important to you.  What areas will require more work.


A full colour Birth Chart, in a presentation folder


An in-depth, on-on-one conversation - either ip person or online - about you and your life

One email opportunity for follow-up questions


This is your life.  Why not make it a good one? 

Let me help you gain insight to who you are and why you are here, so that you can make better choices for yourself.