I am Julie (Jewels), the Nomad Astrologer, from Brisbane, Australia.

I have a passion for astrology that has been with me since my teens, when my mum used to read me the horoscopes in the newspaper, many moons ago.


Astrology has been the best therapist I have ever had.  It has explained me better than anyone could, and it helped me understand why I do what I do, and how to do it better, and I want to show you how to do the same.


Holistic counselling




My background

Talking your ear off

Dancing wildly while pretending to do housework

Making pancakes

My super powers

To help more people understand what an amazing tool astrology is.  

My big dream


Nomad Astrology has been my dream for many years. 


It’s a place of comfort and safety.  A place where you can come over, kick your shoes off, curl up on the couch and tell me about your day.  No pressure.  No judgement.


We’ll have cake for your birthday, and chocolate if you’re struggling (chocolate cures everything!).


We’ll talk about all things astrology, wander off topic occasionally (cos…you know… Nomad). You don’t need to know anything about astrology - just come along for the ride.

Nomad (6).png


You are trying to figure yourself out – What are my superpowers?  Why am I here?  Why do I keep doing the same crazy things?  How did I end up here again?  I need a new job – help!


You want to understand your children – What motivates them?  What will make them shine?  Where will they struggle and need more support?


You want to know more about astrology but had no idea where to start.  You may not want to be an astrologer, but you want to know something more than star signs.  Or maybe you want to get started on the road to be an Astrologer – I can show you the way.


You’re curious and open – prepare to be amazed!